Mission Statement

With just over 60 quests and rising, and with difficulty scaling between Easy, Normal, and Nightmare variants, I have a long road ahead of me. There is much ground to cover. It’s a little daunting to say the least! However, to make things simple, and because I’m wimp who likes to take the path of least resistance, I’m going to favor the scenic route – Easy mode.

My aim is to play each quest at least 3 times each, win or lose. And I’m going to catalog my journey as I trek through the vast locals of this wonderful game. Better late than never, right?

Rules of engagement

The rules are simple:

-Easy Mode

I’m here to have fun without getting my ass handed to me on a regular basis. With easy mode, my ass will be handed to me on an irregular basis. I’ll also dabble in some easy mode variants like no extra resources on setup, or keep the extra resource but shuffle the normal cards back into the encounter deck (*gulp*).

-Net deck, mostly

I’m not the biggest fan of building decks. I just want to get in and play. Deck building is not my idea of fun really. So I’ll be grabbing decks built by others online and using those. Who knows, maybe I’ll do a bit of deck building myself as I get more experience under my belt?

-All the cards!

I have all these player cards, so why not use them? I don’t subscribe to the idea of limiting yourself to just the card pool that would’ve been available at the time of each release to ease you into the game. Card pool is small enough as it is (compared to other LCGs from FFG), so I don’t feel I need to limit myself further. I say, open the flood gates and go nuts!

-Banned cards

Spirit Glorfindel. The guy is everywhere, in net decks and beyond. His ubiquitous nature is a clear sign he’s just too good. I choose to ignore him.

-Mistakes will be made

I’m a bit rusty to say the least, so expect some rule errors.

-Play each quest 3 times minimum

Win or lose, I feel 3 plays of each quest is good enough for me to feel satisfied. And there’s nothing stopping me from giving it another bash, especially with new decks.

-Have fun!

Pretty self explanatory. 🙂


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